Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

Indigo Bay Pools of Annapolis, MD has beautiful fiberglass options for customers looking for a low maintenance pool.

Fiberglass pools are non-porous. This means that algae growth is inhibited, which translates to less brushing, vacuuming, and little or no need for an automatic pool cleaner. Fiberglass pools also require fewer chemicals for the same reason.

Fiberglass pools have a high tensile strength that allows the material a bit of flex. If you’re worried about freezing temperatures or shifting soil, fiberglass is a good option.

These pools are built in controlled factories to industry standards in a variety of shapes that can fit your vision. Fiberglass pools are secure in the ground and are surrounded by a lip of coping stones just like other types of pools.

An Indigo Bay installed fiberglass pool is easy on your long term budget. After the initial cost of installing a fiberglass pool, the likelihood that you will ever have to do renovations or major repairs is minimal.

Other benefits of choosing a fiberglass pool are a shorter installation timeline, a smooth surface for your feet, lower maintenance costs due to fewer chemicals, and fewer home visits from pool maintenance professionals.

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